Digitization in treasury: new technologies and system functionalities

Concrete digitization projects, background knowledge on new technologies, new functions on the treasury system market

Dates & Place

30.04.2024 ONLINE
10.12.2024 ONLINE

Special knowledge
1 day

EUR 1.650,- plus VAT.

Peter Schmid

Peter Schmid


Schwabe, Ley & Greiner


FinTechs and new technologies (artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, predictive analytics, robotics or blockchain) have brought a breath of fresh air to the finance industry. The seminar offers an update on the status quo of digitization in corporate treasury, basic knowledge of the new technologies in finance, and an overview of relevant FinTechs. Participants will analyze their treasury processes with regard to their potential for digitization and receive an overview of the new developments from treasury system providers.

Main topics


  • What are the tasks of the cash manager in the company?
  • What are the minimum standards to be taken into account in the organizational structure & process organization?
  • What are the differences in the accounting or treasury perspective? Which business management approaches do you need to understand?
  • What are the requirements vis-à-vis banks?
  • What are the current trends in cash management for large and small companies?

Basic knowledge of new technologies

  • Introducing new technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning, Blockchain, Predictive Analytics etc.
  • Examples and possible fields of application of new technologies

FinTechs: Thematic market overview and application example

  • Digital financing platforms
  • Optimized FX hedging
  • Robo-Advisor
  • Trade Finance Systems

Overview of new developments from treasury system providers

  • Use of technology for process support
  • Systems: Status quo and current developments
  • Perspectives - What does the future hold?

Group of participants

Treasury employees and managers interested in digitization projects, new technologies and new system functionalities


In addition to providing the necessary basic knowledge about new technologies in treasury and a market overview of the new developments of treasury system providers, the discussion of successfully implemented digitization examples is an important part of the seminar. The focus is always on the user perspective and the question of what the treasurer of tomorrow needs to know. The aim is not to build up specific IT know-how, but rather to identify concrete areas of application for the relevant technologies.

Feedback from our customers

I particularly liked the explanations of the individual topics of digitization and they were very understandable.

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Marc Baumgärtner

Marc Baumgärtner

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