Workshop - Treasury Intelligence Solutions

Treasury on Tour | 11. Juni 2024


Wann & Wo


ISO 20022: The New Language of Global Payments

The session explores the comprehensive implications of the transition to ISO 20022 XML messaging standards within the global financial industry. This migration, primarily focused on interbank payment clearing, extends significant impacts into the corporate domain. The session outlines the benefits of ISO 20022, including enhanced data richness and structure, improved regulatory compliance, and streamlined multi-banking environments. It emphasizes the need for businesses to assess the impact on their existing payment ecosystems, engage with banking partners, and prepare for the decommissioning of legacy messaging formats like MT101/MT103 and MT940. The discussion will also address challenges such as the complexities of migration and data conversion, and inform on opportunities for improved automation, better cash management, and strategic use of enriched data. Finally, the role of digital solutions and consultancies in facilitating a smooth transition and leveraging the new standards for operational and financial efficiencies will be discussed.


  • Dr. Jacques Yana Mbena, SVP Solutions Architect, TIS