Use of AI in treasury

Increased efficiency, risk reduction and visions for the future

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Jan-Frederic Wernet


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Jörg Egretzberger



In our interactive seminar, we dive deep into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and show how it is transforming modern treasury management. Starting with the basic concepts of AI, we will explore the various possible applications in the treasury sector together.

Through practical examples and case studies, we will demonstrate how AI algorithms can be used to analyze complex financial data, identify patterns and make informed forecasts. We will discuss how these technologies can be used to improve liquidity management, risk management and other key treasury functions. In addition, we will shed light on the ethical and regulatory aspects of using AI in treasury and explore together the potential impact on the financial industry and the world of work.

Whether you are an experienced finance expert or just taking your first steps in treasury: This seminar will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips on how to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by AI in treasury. Join us and shape the future of financial management!



Main topics


  • What are the tasks of the cash manager in the company?
  • What are the minimum standards to be taken into account in the organizational structure & process organization?
  • What are the differences in the accounting or treasury perspective? Which business management approaches do you need to understand?
  • What are the requirements vis-à-vis banks?
  • What are the current trends in cash management for large and small companies?

Introduction to the topic of artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Classification of the basic topics of AI and its definition
  • Presentation of the different characteristics and degrees of complexity of AI technologies
  • Consideration of fundamental aspects of cloud providers and local runtime environments.

Data protection and data security

  • Dealing with Large Language Models (LLMs) and legal aspects of copyright law
  • Consideration of data protection issues in the context of AI
  • Methods for the data protection-compliant use of AI technologies
  • Explanation of the EU AI law and its implications for companies

Areas of application for AI in treasury processes

  • Use cases for all classic treasury processes (cash management, corporate finance, risk management and reporting)
  • Use data analytics to identify complex relationships between different financial variables and enable more informed investment, financing and risk management decisions
  • Recognize patterns and trends in payment flows to improve payment processing efficiency and reduce costs
  • Definition of prerequisites and discussion of action plans for the simplification and automation of process steps through the use of AI

AI Readiness Check

  • What steps need to be implemented so that AI can be used at various stages?

Group of participants

The seminar is suitable for both newcomers to finance who want to deepen their understanding of AI and its application in treasury, as well as experienced professionals who are looking for new ways to optimize treasury processes and familiarize themselves with the latest developments in the industry.


Participants in the seminar will develop a basic understanding of AI technologies and their areas of application in finance. They should be able to critically evaluate AI-based treasury solutions and develop strategies for integrating these technologies into their working practice. The aim is also to gain an understanding of the future development of treasury management through the use of AI.


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Marc Baumgärtner

Marc Baumgärtner

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