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Treasury training - compact and comprehensive.

A primer for Corporate Treasury

Treasury Management Foundations


Typically, corporate treasurers accumulate expertise within their specific operational domains, often without delving into the broader spectrum of treasury fields. This limits their ability to comprehend how individual tasks are interconnected in the bigger picture.

Our five-day program aims to bridge this gap by offering an in-depth exploration of all aspects of treasury management. We'll illuminate the intricate web of interdependencies and interactions among these areas, providing participants with a holistic understanding of this dynamic field. Join us for this enlightening journey in the heart of Zurich!

Discover the world of treasury management in just two days

Entry-Level-Course: Treasury Kick-off


Treasury management has increased massively in importance at corporates in the last 30 years. Tasks that were previously managed after a fashion by the accounts department are now undertaken in dedicated treasury departments based on high professional standards in terms of expertise and IT tools.

Comprehensive treasury education at universities however is still largely in its early days, particularly when it comes to practically highlighting interdependen-cies in the area of finance.

This course is intended to close the gap and specifically demonstrate these inter-dependencies and interactions between the various specialist areas of treasury management.

What you need to have in mind when setting up an up-to-date liquidity planning

Liquidity Planning: Simple, system supported, future proof


Securing the availability of liquidity is one of the main goals of financial management. One prerequisite for this is an expressive and resilient liquidity planning.

This must take into account the individual requirements of the business model and should be as efficient as possible. To ensure this, lean and digital processes, the targeted use of the right data and suitable system support are required. We present different methods and approaches, discuss current trends, and cover a spectrum of tools from Excel to predictive analytics.

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