Cash Management

Efficient and secure cash management


Cash Management

For us, cash management encompasses not only the processing of internal and external payment transactions, but also the optimal management of cash holdings. This requires a coordinated account and bank structure, the appropriate payment instruments for the market and customers, the right organizational structure and, finally, sensible system support. From conception to practical implementation, we can support you in all issues with an enormous wealth of experience.

Specialist Cash Management

Albert Weiskirchner

Albert Weiskirchner

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Cash Management

Cash management review

Cash Management

Banking connection workshop

Cash Management

Multichannel Payments

Cash Management

SLG Security Check

Cash Management

SLG Disposition Tool

Cash Management

SLG bank tender

Cash Management

ISO 20022 migration

Optimization potential for your cash management

Cash Management Review

In a joint cash management review, we evaluate processes, the given system landscape and organizational framework conditions in terms of efficiency, security and costs. The suggestions for improvement developed in this process are based on our know-how from hundreds of consulting projects.

Our analysis ranges from account disposition and the optimal alignment of payment transactions to the best possible use of cash management functions in SAP. And, of course, that is by no means the whole batten of services covered by our Cash Management Review.

In the area of tension between decentralized and Group-wide solutions

Concept workshop bank connection

Using multiple electronic banking tools for your company's payment transactions is often common practice. However, one should be aware that the various processes and interfaces represent potential security gaps. Likewise, a multitude of systems does not necessarily make the overall structure more efficient. If you want to ensure greater transparency and ease of use, an automated and secure centralized payment solution is the way to go. However, this raises the question of how all banks can be connected to this tool and how the communication channels can be designed.

We analyze your individual framework conditions, present the pros and cons of the different variants in a concept workshop and finally present you with a customized rough concept. Use our knowledge to identify the right model for you.


Multichannel Payments

With the growing number of different payment options, the treasury requirements are also becoming more complex. As we all know, the customer is king, and this applies equally to the selection of payment options. In B2C business in particular, (online) bank transfers, credit cards or mobile payments must be available, secure and efficiently integrated. But the range of payment methods is also becoming increasingly diverse in the B2B sector. In addition, it must be remembered that new payment options are constantly establishing themselves on the market.

It is therefore not enough to answer the relevant questions once. Rather, they must be evaluated on a regular basis. In addition to the fundamental decision as to which payment methods are suitable and necessary for a business model, the issues here include hardware equipment, payment service providers to be selected, the integration of new payment options into the existing infrastructure, and the question of the appropriate level of fees to be charged.

We are happy to support you in the formulation of your individual requirements, the selection process of payment service providers or in the actual implementation.


SLG Security Check

In light of the ever-increasing threat of fraud and cybercrime, it is imperative to address the issue of treasury and payment security. If the attackers are becoming more and more sophisticated, your company must also follow suit in this area. We know the scams of the fraudsters and can therefore show you possible gaps in your system.

For this purpose, we have developed the SLG Security Check, which we use to check your processes for any vulnerabilities. We provide both information about the potential points of attack and the corresponding countermeasures.

Among other things, we can simulate attacks to test the resilience of your payment transactions. You can also benefit from our tried-and-tested knowledge in the context of workshops, online training, or training courses to raise awareness among your employees.


SLG Disposition Tool

The SLG disposition tool helps companies to establish transparency and automation in cash management. This collects and centralizes all relevant data and prepares the information in the form of individual work reports and management reports.

The SLG scheduling tool impresses with its ease of use and is ready for use in just a few days. Without large training effort and with low resource input. But with the certainty that you have an overview of your liquidity situation at all times.

Bank selection made easy - with the help of the "SLG Bank Tender Platform

Bank tender

The execution of a bank tender is an often underestimated and yet extremely complex undertaking. Technical requirements, geographic specifics, and multiple pricing structures require prudent considerations and a precise approach. At SLG, we understand the challenges of this process and recognize the critical importance of a thoughtful approach.

Our innovative SLG Bank Tender Platform simplifies this process considerably. With our web-based platform, we enable standardized tendering and a transparent exchange of questions and answers with the banks involved. A comparison of the services offered "at the push of a button" significantly increases the overall efficiency of the tender.

We offer you comprehensive support from the elicitation of quantity structures and the definition of requirements to the actual tender and subsequent negotiations. Our expertise even extends to implementationto ensure that the entire process is seamless and successful. We are at your side to meet your needs at every stage of this complex project.

Is your company ready for change?

Make your company fit for ISO20022

We are still at the beginning of a major transformation of the central nervous system of the financial world. The migration to ISO20022 is not just a step, but a big leap towards an improved, internationally standardized payment infrastructure.

The changeover to the new message standard has been underway since March 2023, but very few companies have yet dealt with the necessary adaptation steps and the deadline in November 2025 is approaching. The changeover is complex: account statements and payment formats must be converted to extended XML formats to ensure smooth global transactions. For companies that are still working with old formats, this means a need to adapt - a potential risk without the right strategy.

Schwabe, Ley & Greiner is ready to guide you through this process. We analyze your systems, define the need for action and provide pragmatic support for adjustments in order to prepare you for the new standard with the least possible effort. Take advantage of our expertise to make a seamless transition to the ISO 20022 landscape and realize the associated benefits.

Remember: the changeover to ISO20022 is not just a technical necessity - it is an investment in the efficiency, security and future of your payment processes.

selected projects

Success Stories

Success story

Security in payment transactions | Simulation of the case of emergency

At the customer's request, Schwabe, Ley & Greiner acts as an "attacker" and tests the security measures in payment transactions.

Success story

Implementation of a EUR cash pool

To increase the security and efficiency of payment transactions, Ronal concentrated group liquidity with the support of SLG.

Success story

Payment service provider selection

Häfele was looking for a payment service provider for its group-wide online business. SLG helped with a systematic selection process.

Success story

Review of security and efficiency in payment transactions

In the course of a review with SLG, SIKA established uniform and audit-proof processes in payment transactions.

Success story

Payments "Straight through Europe

By introducing a central system solution, the Mahle Group was able to optimize its payment transactions throughout Europe.

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