Point-of-sale payments and e-commerce as success factors

Establish customer-oriented payment methods efficiently and future-proof in stationary and online retail and learn to understand the world of payment service providers (PSP)

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Albert Weiskirchner

Albert Weiskirchner

Senior Consultant

Schwabe, Ley & Greiner


Shopping becomes an experience - customer expectations of the "shopping experience" have risen sharply. Customers want to pay using their preferred payment method (such as credit card, PayPal, etc.) and their preferred means of payment (such as plastic card, smartphone, or wearable) - both at the point of sale (POS) and online in an app or in the web store (i.e., multichannel).

In the area of payments, this means that payments must be made as quickly and easily as possible. In this seminar, you will learn how these requirements can be met as efficiently as possible on the corporate side, or even better, how the right payments offering can even give you a competitive advantage.

Main topics


  • What are the tasks of the cash manager in the company?
  • What are the minimum standards to be taken into account in the organizational structure & process organization?
  • What are the differences in the accounting or treasury perspective? Which business management approaches do you need to understand?
  • What are the requirements vis-à-vis banks?
  • What are the current trends in cash management for large and small companies?

Introduction to the world of multichannel payments

  • What does multi-/ omnichannel payment mean?
  • What payment methods are currently available?
  • How does a payment by credit card or Wallet (e.g. GooglePay) actually work in detail and who is involved in a transaction?

Payment as a success factor in multichannel sales

  • What payment methods do I "have" to offer my customers?
  • What impact do the payment methods offered have on my sales?
  • How does the market differ in the USA, Asia, Europe or even Germany, France and Austria?
  • What should the optimal payment experience for customers look like?

Integration of payment methods in the sales channels

  • How can different payment methods be implemented in e-commerce or point-of-sale?
  • What does the payment service provider (PSP) and credit card acquirer market look like?
  • What should be considered when selecting suitable PSPs and acquirers?
  • What added value can payment providers deliver (fraud detection, data analytics, loyalty programs, etc)?
  • What are the pricing models?
  • Which departments need to be involved in order to process payments efficiently?
  • What regulatory requirements need to be considered?

Current developments

  • How can requirements from PSD2, in particular strong customer authentication (SCA), be mapped?
  • What are the trends (Internet-of-Things or IoT, Artificial Intelligence, etc)?

Group of participants

Employees and managers from companies that want to offer POS or online payments to their customers or are looking for an acquirer or PSP, as well as corporate account managers from banks who want to learn about their customers' day-to-day business from their perspective


In addition to basic theoretical knowledge, the course focuses on practice-oriented information on the processing and integration of multichannel payments. In addition, a current market overview of various payment options and providers is given.

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Marc Baumgärtner

Marc Baumgärtner

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