Treasury Organization

A safety-critical business area needs clear rules


Treasury Organization

Treasury is not laissez faire, but requires clear guidelines and specifications. Secure processes are not only in the interest of the company, but also of the employees. Especially in smaller treasury departments, a strict separation of functions is difficult to implement, which is why flexible solutions are required to ensure a consistent dual control principle. The selected set-up must then be recorded in appropriate guidelines and communicated to the organization.

We help to formulate a suitable set of rules and to check compliance with them. In doing so, we also pay attention to a balance between process efficiency and bureaucracy.

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Georg Ehrhart

Georg Ehrhart

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Treasury Organization

Treasury Guidelines

Treasury Organization

Treasury Audit


Treasury Guidelines

Many well-known companies have developed and implemented their treasury organizational and process structures with our support. The starting point for this is always the degree of centralization / the scope of functions, the available resources, and the type and scope of system support. The resulting guidelines must reflect the specifics of the respective company and business model and actually be practicable. No one is served by theoretical sets of rules that are not implemented in practice.

In order not to move with the times, you have to move with the times. Even the most well thought-out set of rules requires ongoing updates and adjustments. For the good of data and cybersecurity alone, every company should review and update its treasury rules at regular intervals. 


Treasury Audit

A regular audit of your treasury operations can reveal weaknesses that pose significant risks. In the worst case, these can lead to high losses. Internal audit is often unfamiliar with treasury specifics and therefore not the ideal treasury contact for many issues.

Schwabe, Ley & Greiner offers you a critical and qualified view from the outside and, as a specialist in the field of treasury, can help quickly and efficiently when needed. We do not see our audits as merely working through checklists, but look beneath the surface and discuss identified weaknesses and possible solutions with your experts. Take advantage of our in-depth know-how and benefit from our extensive practical experience.

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Success Stories

Success story

No arbitrariness of the central treasury

The rapid growth of the Munich-based agricultural trader required uniform regulations for banking policy as well as cash and risk management. SLG supported with conception and implementation.

Treasury Training

Seminars with a treasury organization focus

Treasury Audit

Establish and review treasury management policies, guidelines and limitsa

Entry-level course: Treasury Kick-Off

Around the world of treasury management in two days

Basic training course: Treasury Management

Comprehensive, practical basic training for day-to-day treasury work

Executive training course: Treasury Express

The successful development of a modern treasury department

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