Financial transactions, accounting and risk management with SAP

Get to know the treasury management functionalities of SAP

Dates & Place

22.05.2024 ONLINE
05.11.2024 in Düsseldorf


Special knowledge


1 day


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Gudrun Schmid

Gudrun Schmid


Schwabe, Ley & Greiner

Florian Maak

Florian Maak


MMG Treasury


SAP is THE comprehensive software for mapping operational processes, from production to accounting. What many people don't know is that SAP is also one of the most widely used treasury management systems in Germany!

We will show you why in the seminar, live in the S/4HANA system. The "heart" of SAP Treasury is the SAP Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) module. You will get to know its various applications step by step: First, we will introduce you to the management of financial transactions, from simple IC loans to complex derivatives. Following on from this, you will learn how to transfer payments and postings (valuation, interest, fees) from financial transactions to SAP FI fully automatically. In the area of risk management, you will calculate risk scenarios and make credit and debit value adjustments (CVA and DVA). You will also learn how to manage complex credit lines and keep an eye on counterparty risks.

In addition to the technical introduction, we also address the respective strengths and weaknesses of mapping treasury management functions in SAP. We also point out typical pitfalls of an implementation and give you tips on how to make the introduction of your treasury management in SAP a success. We will show you all seminar content live in S/4HANA. We will also discuss the previous mapping in R/3 (ECC 6.0) and the differences. As many functions are already available in R/3 under S/4HANA, we will show you what you can already introduce today and continue to use later under S/4HANA. Please note that all topics relating to MRP preview and cash management are covered in the seminar "Cash management and payment transactions in SAP 4/S HANA".

Our SAP Treasury seminars are held in cooperation with MMG Treasury.

Main topics

  • Management of financial transactions with SAP TRM
  • Payments from financial transactions
  • Posting cash flows, valuations and interest accruals in SAP FI
  • Risk management with SAP TRM
  • Connection to trading platforms (360T, FXall)
  • Mapping of complex credit line structures and counterparty risks with the risk analyzers

Group of participants

Treasury employees and managers who are interested in the opportunities offered by SAP in the areas of financial transactions, treasury accounting and financial risk management.


  • SAP Treasury at a glance
  • Management of financial transactions with SAP Treasury and Risk Management (TRM)
  • Financial risk management with SAP TRM

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Marc Baumgärtner

Marc Baumgärtner

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