SLG Forest

Together for a greener future!

Our contribution to environmental protection

At Schwabe, Ley & Greiner, we celebrate every company anniversary by planting trees. These trees represent not only our employees, but also our shared commitment to sustainable growth.

Everyone is unique, but together we are great. Like trees in a forest, our employees contribute to SLG's size and diversity. We not only create room to grow, but also room for ideas. Welcome to the SLG forest, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.

Trees for all employees

For every employee in our company, we plant a tree together with Wald4Leben. This action not only symbolizes our corporate values, but is also a concrete step towards a greener future. The trees help to absorb CO2, clean the air and promote biodiversity.

Jubilee trees

Every anniversary is celebrated with us. As a sign of our appreciation and solidarity, we give trees for each anniversary - in the number of years of the anniversary. This means that the longer an employee has been part of our team, the more trees are planted for him/her. These trees are not only a gift for our planet, but also a living reminder of the years we have spent together.

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Project start 2023

Trees planted

Our partnership with Wald4Leben

Wald4Leben is a non-profit organization that works to reforest forests and protect the environment. We are proud to work with them and have a positive impact on the world around us. Together, we are committed to sustainable forest projects that provide long-term environmental and social benefits.

Digital seminar materials for a greener future

In order to protect the environment, SLG offers all seminar documents digitally in order to minimise the use of natural resources. If you still prefer a printed version, you can get it for a fee of EUR 60. In line with our commitment to nature, SLG plants a tree in the SLG Forest for every paper pad provided