Financial Modeling

What are your company's financing needs during the crisis?


Financial Modeling

An integrated, robust and dynamic financial model is the indispensable basis for key decisions. When it comes to refinancing, simulating stress scenarios or alternative financing components, a major investment or a project plan.

We are your partner for integrated "bankable" financial models. Both in the creation of a new one and in the audit of an existing one.

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Dr. Edith Leitner

Dr. Edith Leitner


Financial Modeling

Models for crisis situations

Financial Modeling

M&A models

Financial Modeling

Project financing models

When everything turns out differently than you think

Models for crisis situations

The Corona pandemic at the latest showed how quickly existing plans and scenarios can vanish into thin air. In times of crisis, companies need flexible answers to existential questions. Liquidity, key figures, securing solvency, preparing for the next shutdown or the next energy price shock.  

For this purpose, SLG builds a customized and integrated financial model that provides flexible simulation options and answers to all these questions. It enables the dynamic modeling of sales slumps, cost sensitivities, working capital effects, investment retentions as well as financing and equity measures.

Well planned into the merger

M&A models

Many parameters have to be considered when valuing purchase or sale transactions. Our M&A models help you to identify the resulting interdependencies. This gives you a preview of synergy effects and integration costs as well as the presentation of a post-merger group view. Financing offers can be compared transparently in this model.

We are happy to accompany you as an independent partner throughout the entire M&A process.

Structuring and final financing

Project financing models

An integrated financial model maps all phases of a project. This allows the key value drivers to be sensitized and different scenarios to be simulated. An important part of the model is often the structuring of a precisely fitting interim financing and its final transition to a final financing.

Our models are "bankable" and are often used as a basis for the corresponding financing agreements in the case of non-recourse financing. Due to the model construction according to international modeling standards, you usually save the desire and the costs of a model audit on the part of the capital providers.

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