Project financing

From the financial model to the completion of the financing


Project financing

If an investment project or larger project is on the horizon, not only a "bankable" business plan is needed, but also well-structured and solidly negotiated financing.

Whether on-balance or non-recourse, the key is that the solution is tailored to your situation.

Specialist Debt Advisory

Dr. Edith Leitner

Dr. Edith Leitner


Project financing

Financial Modeling

Project financing

Financing advice

Foundation and project start

Financial Modeling

In addition to the operational business case, a financial model depicts the project-specific financing, important key figures and scenarios. It must be designed in such a way that it is "bankable" and accompanies you through the entire project cycle: from conceptualization to financial closing and beyond that in the monitoring of results during ongoing operations.

So that the financing fits the project

Financing advice

We work with you to develop a financing structure that is a perfect fit for your project. In doing so, we make sure that your objectives are intertwined with the requirements of potential investors.

Based on this, tender documents are created for a competitive process. From our project experience, we know what is important to investors, we know their position and we stand by you as a strong partner during the tendering and negotiation process.

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